Nutty or Naughty??

We recently cup lots of floral, different fruity notes and complex flavors before uploading new beans, and raised a question: is “nutty” a bad tag?

after joining SCA cupping competition this year: It was nice to join with different competitors, from home brewers to baristas to coffee shop(s) owner (although the list show as “individuals” lol)

turns out there are sweetness and round body to be focus on as well.

reminder to self to not only drink “naughty” beans but “nutty” beans as well and remember the possibilities on every beans, keep trying to explore flavors though roasting profiles and brewing methods.

參加完 Cupping 比賽,練習時候雖然對複雜味覺敏銳度有所提升;同埋最近同啊小編參與咗一啲 Cupping session ,發現一個問題:我哋味蕾光譜聚焦得太多喺果味同花香味作主調嘅靚豆,而忽略咗其他咖啡豆本身嘅不同甜度同埋口感嘅微細分別。

主調為杏仁、朱古力嘅所謂”nutty”豆,係咪只可以有「苦」「大路」「咖啡味」嘅標籤呢?比較多人熟悉嘅 ”nutty”為中南美洲嘅咖啡豆,因為地理環境令到豆身口感厚實、可以保留一定嘅甜感,甚至乎可以呈現到微細果香以至花香嘅表現;有時候見到生豆嘅Taste note 平平無奇,會被大眾所疏忽嘅時候,我哋本着一事無奇嘅心態買返嚟試吓,結果出乎意料之外嘅時候;相信有更多未被發掘嘅好豆,希望未來同大家一齊分享吓。


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